Jefferson Forest – Retail Space

With the project’s close proximity adjacent to a forest, a ‘harmony in nature’ theme was chosen for retail space design.
As per client request, Nur Design + Marketing designed an exquisite presentation center to reflect the elegance, fine quality and exceptional value for prospective buyers.

Presentation Center

As per client request, Nur Design developed and designed presentation brochures and other print media for company retail spaces and sale centers.

Print Media

Corporate identity was integrated by Nur Design in the design of company sales and presentation centers.

Corporate Identity

Retail Spaces with a unique flavor

The entrance was framed with hand-cut maple ‘tree’ designs where songbirds peek out playfully. Inside the centre, columns were turned into trees with a combination of iron branches and blown glass pendant lamps. The overall effect was stunning as iron violins span the height of the trees. Using a combination of gloss and matte paints, the walls are highlighted with vines, a subtle backdrop for the displays, one for each home design.
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