Orchard Park – Print Media

The word 'Orchard' pays homage to the rural, hometown nature of the locale, while the word 'Park' conveys an urban feel. Design focuses on youthful vitality, as the project promises to be popular with young couples, potentially with children.
Brochures, Logotype, Leaflets, and other print media was developed by Nur Design as a part of the large Company Identity project.

Presentation Brochures

As per client request, Nur Design developed and designed internal retail spaces for Orchard Park Presentation and Sales centers.

Corporate Print Media

Orchard Park Signage was developed by Nur Design Team as part of the corporate Identity Project.


Creative Approach

Taking a page from the condo market, the brochure included two separate pieces, a community brochure and a separate handout folder for all plans, price lists and feature handouts. This two piece design resulted in an easy to carry brochure set that allowed couples to view different elements of the project at the same time, as one person could read through the community brochure while the other studied plans.
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