Zancor Homes – Corporate Identity Project

Collaboration with the client yielded a powerful message regarding Zancor Homes: Local, Legendary and Lasting. Corporate Identity was centered about this message.
King's Ridge Signage was developed by Nur Design Team as part of the corporate Identity Project.

Corporate Identity

As per client request, Nur Design developed and designed internal retail spaces for Zancor Homes Presentation and Sales centers.

Retail Space

Brochures, Logotype, Leaflets, and other print media was developed by Nur Design as a part of the large Company Identity project.

Print Media

Creative Approach & Rebranding

A modification of the existing logo, Nur Design removed a double key line from around the logo to 'float' it on white - a more modern presentation of the name. Further, collaboration with the client yielded a powerful support message: local, legendary and lasting.
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